Tracy Pion
1 Jan. 2012

Riverstreet teams up with Pablove!

As many of you may know, Riverstreet has loved teaming up with some great organizations over the years to help do some plain old-fashioned good. But no organization is closer to our hearts, or has been more fun to support, than The Pablove Foundation. So when we at Riverstreet heard that one of our own was running the Los Angeles Marathon on March 18th, we jumped at the chance to team up with The Pablove Foundation again. With Riverstreet’s support, Kelly Martineau has registered as a member of Team Pablove!

What does that mean? Well, while Kelly is busy logging training miles to prepare for the big 26.2 mile race, we will sponsor her running by fundraising for The Pablove Foundation. What does The Pablove Foundation do, you ask?...

Fight childhood cancer with love, of course! The Pablove Foundation is named after Pablo Castelaz, classmate and friend of our own Cassiel Blum. Pablo was six years old when he lost his valiant yearlong battle with bilateral Wilms Tumor. Cancer claims the lives of more children than any other disease. There have been no new drugs developed specifically for pediatric cancer in the past 20 years. Pediatric cancer research is grossly underfunded by our government. To make a difference, people like you and me have to get involved. That’s why we’re helping The Pablove Foundation to fund pediatric cancer research and advances in treatment, educate and empower cancer families, and improve the quality of life for children living with cancer through hospital play, music and arts programs.

You can easily make a donation by going to Kelly's Pablove donation page, but if you prefer to donate by check, you can mail it to:

The Pablove Foundation, 3801 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Include a note with Kelly’s name, and we’ll be that much closer to our fundraising goal. Join Riverstreet, Kelly, and Pablove to fight childhood cancer with love!