Amanda Erlanson
2 Feb. 2009

Case Study #4: Disney XD Launch Campaign

Mission: Energize viewers for the February 2009 launch of Disney XD
Challenge: Generate a series of high-action spots to integrate with the pre-existing XD graphics

When Disney decided to re-launch Jetix as Disney XD, they wanted it to be a channel that appealed to boys – cool and action-oriented. They asked us to conceive and produce a launch package that could run in theaters, online and on Disney Channel for several months prior to the February premiere. Their idea was that the XD logo was a portal through which kids could travel to a world that was XD-enhanced.

Music was the key component in setting the right tone up front. We pitched an old-school rap approach to the initial tease spot, with the aim of the song becoming so infectious that the tune itself would essentially become a viral marketing tool. In later spots, we rearranged the song so the XD lyrics were couched in an ever-shifting mixup of rap, grunge, heavy metal and pop sounds.

In accordance with Disney's ethic of encouraging kids to be active, we designed a series of spots that incorporated action sports like roller hockey, skateboarding and BMX tricks with skills like breakdancing, drumming and mural painting. Casting kids with engaging personalities who also had mad skills was essential. Since our budget constrained us to shooting in a single location, we found a school which could offer us a parklike quad, a classroom, and space to build a basement rec room set and set up a green screen. Our production team worked closely with our FX company on set to seamlessly integrate our footage with the graphics. A high-energy editorial approach provided the finishing touch.