Amanda Erlanson
10 Oct. 2006

Spotlight: DVD_TV Turns 50!

Riverstreet's original series for AMC celebrates its 50th episode, Halloween. The fifth season of DVD_TV, the movie trivia series conceived and produced by Riverstreet, is just beginning. As always, it features movies enhanced with revealing and insightful facts presented as streaming text in the letterbox area, so you can watch the movie uninterrupted. This season features classics such as The Graduate, Stand By Me, Die Hard, Field of Dreams, and Blazing Saddles.


If John Belushi wasn't available, who would have played 'Bluto' in Animal House?

What film did inexperienced directors Jim Abrahams and David & Jerry Zucker use as a template on which to build their airplane-disaster-movie parody Airplane?

Which cardinal rule of westerns did screenwriter William Goldman break when he wrote Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid?

What was Al Pacino really snorting when he played 'Tony Montana' in Scarface?

Who did Back To the Future creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale first have in mind to play 'Doc Brown'?