E! "The Royals" Launch Campaign "Princess Eleanor" Spot

For our sexy launch campaign for E!'s first scripted drama, The Royals, we traveled to London to film the cast in their extraordinary palace locations.

Esquire This Is Mike Stud Launch "Stream of Unconsciousness" :60

To launch Esquire's new docu-series "This Is Mike Stud," we examined the fan-based phenomenon that spawned a new rap idol.

Freeform "The 5th Wave" Stunt Open

With the help of Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish, we surprised one lucky fan with The 5th Wave Experience. This series of stylish co-branding spots for Sony Pictures aired on the inaugural day of ABC Family's turnover to Freeform, helping to usher in their new vision and aesthetic.

Disney XD "Tron: Uprising" Launch

To launch their "Tron: Uprising" animated series, Disney XD asked us to initiate its audience into the intricate dynamics of the Tron system. Our hip-hop musical number was nominated for an Emmy!

FX "Lights Out: Split Decision" Documentary (Excerpt)

For the launch of the FX drama "Lights Out," we created a 20 minute faux documentary that chronicled the rise and fall of fictional former champion Patrick "Lights" Leary.

The CW "13: Fear Is Real" Launch Campaign

Creating a spine-tingling new spot for the CW horror reality show “13” was a scream! The network needed a campaign quickly, but had no show footage, so we created this version of a horror nightmare.

TBS Angie Tribeca Emmy Consideration Spot

Rashida Jones brought her innate gravitas to the Emmy consideration spot TBS asked us to shoot and edit for Angie Tribeca.

TBS iHeartRadio Awards "Fans Meet Artists" Spot

For TBS's inaugural broadcast of the iHeartRadio Music Awards, we turned their tagline "where fans and artists meet" into a sweet surprise. Demi was available for only 2 hours, so we created a spot that organically revealed her.

Friends for Change India "A Day In the Life"

For our 2012 campaign for Disney's Friends for Change, we traveled to a rural village in India to help kids envison how to build a better world.

E! "The Royals" Launch Campaign

For our sexy launch campaign for E!'s first scripted drama, The Royals, we traveled to London to film the cast in their extraordinary palace locations. We created character specific spots along with overall "coming soon" spots like this one.

ABC Family "Chasing Life" Launch Spot

For the launch of ABC Family’s “Chasing Life,” we created a visual metaphor to illustrate the lead character's inner struggle, and her hope.

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato "Make a Wave" music video for the feature film "Oceans"

Our music video with Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato for their motivational anthem "Make a Wave," featured in the film "Oceans," soared up the iTunes charts and accumulated nearly 5 million views on YouTube!

Disney's Make Your Mark "Filmmaker"

Our Make Your Mark spot profiling a brave young filmmaker won an Emmy Award!

Disney's "It's On!" Summer Image Campaign for "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam"

Shooting a huge musical number at the Santa Monica Pier for Disney Channel's summer campaign was a blast!

Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Bros., Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato "Send It On" Music Video

Our music video for the Friends for Change campaign anthem "Send It On" rocketed up the iTunes charts to #1 and accumulated over 11 million views on YouTube!